RRShree’s 12-month project-oriented Diploma course in CG Animation is designed to help you to become a production ready professional in the Animation and Visual Effects industry. The course comprises 3 months of Foundation, 3 months of Specialization and 2 Pro Course modules of 3 months each. There is an additional 3-month DFP (Diploma Film Production) module for those who wish to make a high-quality short film showcasing their CG skills, which will be closely mentored by our CG faculty.
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Modules covered in this course:

Foundation : (3 Months)

CG Animation students begin their Diploma Course with RR Shree’s intensive 3-month Foundation course, which provides a critical introduction to the world of CG Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Art. The course enables you to learn some very essential, fundamental skills and gives you a greater understanding of the interrelationship between the different disciplines in a modern production pipeline. It is also helps you discover where your true talents lie and make an informed decision about what you should seriously pursue further.

The CG Animation curriculum at the Foundation level helps you to understand the world of 3D vis-à-vis the real world. You will learn the interface and tools of 3D software. You will also create CG assets and learn how to bring them to life.

Pro Courses : (6 Months)

In the CG Animation Specialization module, you will master Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering. You will create photo-real objects and scenes. You’ll learn animation concepts and techniques to build a solid foundation as you start your animation journey.

Pro Module I and II : (12 Months)

After successfully completing the Foundation and Specialization modules, you will go on to learn more complex skills in the Pro courses listed below:

Production Tools

In this module, you will learn advanced concepts and tools. On successful completion of this module, you will be equipped with superior technical skills that will enable you to fit seamlessly in a studio production environment and give you an edge in the job market. You’ll understand and animate quadruped and advanced biped body mechanics.

Production Project

The aim of this module is to simulate a real world commercial project/scene. This is a three month mentored production course, in which either the individual creates a CG animation shot which does not exceed 15 seconds. You get your first taste of how to plan and execute your animation in a studio production environment. The objective is to expose you to a real world production environment with realistic deadlines and pressures.

DFP : (15 Months)
The aim of this module is to enable you to create a high-end short film, from scratch to finish. In this three-month mentored production course, you will create a CG animation short. Take what you learned in your previous courses and apply those concepts and techniques to a new animated shot. You’ll also learn valuable techniques to refine and polish your animation to create work that stands out. The entire process will be quality, schedule and constraint driven. Now you can create a kick-ass demo reel full of your best animation and prepare yourself to apply for a job.