Intensive Foundation in Digital Media


Intensive Foundation in Digital Media

Total Course Duration: 03 Months

Intensive Foundation in Digital Media is a course designed to educate the ever-changing digital world, as well as to provide hands-on experience with industry standard software and equipment. The curriculum covers a wide range of areas, so it appeals to a diverse group of students.

This course provides an essential, inspiring introduction to the world of Advertising, Animation, Visual Effects, Game Design & Development, Digital Art and Digital Film-making. You need no prior experience to attend this course, just a burning desire to stretch the limits of your creativity. Successful completion of this course enables the student to pursue the Diploma Courses at RR Shree.

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Modules covered in this course:

•CG Animation: Discover how to navigate 3D space and 3D software. Understand how cameras and lighting work in 3D space. Learn to create 3D assets.
•Introduction to Visual Effects: Learn key concepts, tools and techniques related to VFX, including an introduction to After Effects, Nuke and Mocha.
•Digital Filmmaking: Introduction to using digital film formats, Digital films aspect ratio, world-standard software, tools and forums for digital film making.
•Digital Art: Learn to create and work with primitive shapes; learn about lighting and shading, one and two-point perspectives and color theory.
• Game Design and Development: Learn some very essential, fundamental skills and get a greater understanding of the interrelationship between the different disciplines for creating cutting-edge 3D
• Movie Editing and Motion Graphics: Learn in-depth technical understanding of the editing software, while applying these techniques for creative, storytelling purposes.
• Digital Marketing: Learn professional to understand the basic and the brand’s digital movement