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Make foundation on Movie Making, Animation & Game Design

April 26, 2017
Animation for Movie vs. Gaming
March 6, 2019

While waiting for the SLC result:

This is probably the biggest question that grips those who are about to cross the Iron Gate. While some might have planned their career carefully and relevantly, it is likely that many others simply haven’t. There are plenty of options for the post-SLC students if the showy advertisements of educational institutions are anything to go by. This leaves a lot of students confused at best and downright panicky at the other end of the scale. So, they do what they can- while some have their career path plotted out clearly, most are influenced by their friends' choices, others pick the path that requires the least effort and a group of obedient children do what their parents tell them.

After finishing SLC and while waiting for the result, the students can best utilize their time doing multimedia computer courses, either in Movie Making, Animation or in Game Deign. Various Multimedia courses are well suited for the students of all levels. Yes, there are various Training Center that offer foundation course on Movie Making, Animation & Game Design for SLC Appeared Student.


Movie Making foundation Course

Ready to learn the basics of filming and editing? Shoot with pro-level cameras and see how much fun creative editing can be with the industry professional movie editor. Make a DVD of your final project to show your family and friends as well your portfolio. Movie Making Foundation Course is ideal for students interested in the media industry who want to know how to get started. Express your creativity through the visual medium of motion pictures, and go through all of the elements of film production, including pre-production planning, camera work, and final editing. Get ready to find out why making movies is even more fun than watching them! Generally Movie Making foundation Course has no prerequisites other than a desire to learn and have fun! Beginner to intermediate students study individualized curriculum and learn crucial elements of film production from instructors with industry experience. If you are interested in the technical components of editing, Movie Making foundation Course is right for you. While waiting for the result, don’t just watch movie! Go behind the scenes and Make them!

Game Design foundation Course

After finishing SLC and while waiting for the result, don’t just play games! Make them! Create your own game in this fun, stimulating game design foundation Course. In Nepal Maya Animation Academy introduce students to the awesome world of video game creation in a non-competitive, step-by-step process. Game Design foundation Course will teach the basic principles behind making arcade and platform games – the fun ones you’d find at your local arcade. Design your own arcade and platform games using the Unity® Game Engine. Advanced students will add sound and music to enhance game play, as well as build more complex game rules for sophisticated games. Game Design foundation Course has no prerequisites, other than a love for video games! The curriculum is customized for beginner to intermediate learners. Curriculum is delivered in small student clusters and individually tailored to each student at this video game course. Game Design foundation Course is perfect for active and imaginative younger students wanting to explore game-making. The fun drag and drop interface of the Adventures in Game Design course makes it easy for students to catch on quickly, and the curriculum is a good choice if you’re considering video game design schools. These most exciting course are a great choice for students just beginning to discover the power of technology, and can be repeated over several month to build up skills.

3D Animation foundation Course

Develop your creative storytelling skills with the same tools that ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Avatar’ uses! Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® 3D Studio max® are the software of choice amongst 3D artists and animators who are looking to make their projects amazingly life-like, futuristic, and detailed. Create your very own 3D models and characters and then learn how to bring your creation to life through animation. While waiting for the SLC result you can join 3D Animation foundation Course for a unique 3D narrative, featuring your custom characters and environments. You’ll also leave this leisure with access to the latest version of Autodesk® Maya® and Autodesk® 3DS max®, so it’s easy to keep up your animation skills! Anyone interested in learning how to build and create realistic 3D models and prepare them for animation movie should consider 3D Animation foundation Course. This course is a great step if you are considering studying 3D animation or want to explore to see if this is a potential career direction.

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