About Us

Here at RR Shree, we aim to offer a range of training packages, dedicated towards the field of IT and Multimedia that are created with your best interests in regard.

The IT and Multimedia field of Nepal is still primitive with respect to the International Market and RR Shree strives to fulfill this gap in knowledge by pumping the advanced skills and techniques that are needed into the individuals aspiring to make their mark in this field.

We are dedicated to providing career oriented, professional skills to passionate learners and wish to be a pioneer in the field of education in IT and Multimedia.


With advancement in technology and recent boom in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the country, various new segments are emerging in the entertainment and media sectors. 

Emergence and growth of animation, gaming and visual effect-based segments of entertainment industry is a prime example for this. This emerging animation, gaming and visual effect sector offers a multi-million-dollar opportunity both in terms of opportunity for global outsourcing as well as the hitherto partially tapped domestic information and entertainment market. 

Digital content is changing the dynamics of the entire media and production industry. Movies, PSA, 2D/3D designs, animation, visual effect, audio/video, educational videos etc. are some of the examples which has changed and is changing the way we look at it. Gone are the days of traditional creation of visual collaterals. Technology has moved to AR and VR. One can enjoy the beauty of sea dive and mountain climb right at their home.  

With a vision to be a socially responsible company to empower the country with the power of technology, RR Shree strives to be game changer. With state of the art infrastructure, affordable fee, local in grown talent with industry expert team leaders, we have the mission to accomplish the brilliance with our high standard quality work and training. We believe, empowerment can be easily delivered through technology but it should be reachable to all. We also agree to the fact that the partners who work with us deserve the best for their ROI with high professionalism, work ethics, integrity and relation. 

At RR Shree, our values are important within our team members as well as with our clients. Nepal being one of the youngest countries in the world with the average age of 25, and between the biggest economies of the world, China and India has that capacity to come to global level. We are in the verge of that highway to play a significant role and get pinned up as a potential growing country in the global economy.